Real ills
No this is not about real ills (sickness), but about devotions from Real Life Illustrations. These are true earthly illustrations that reveal a spiritual truth. We encourage you to find illustrations from your life to share with others about what God is doing in your own life. Just click on the blue titles.
Death Road
It is a true story about my near death experience. 
"When our life ends, it will be a surprise, but it
does not have to be an ending with a surprise."
A New Heart Beat
It is a true story about the new heart beat in
my life."If we could replace our hearts with
new perfect ones, we could live forever."
Wash Away Your Sins Products
There are products on the market that claim to "Wash away your sins". Some of the labels include: "Kills sins on contact", "Right your wrongs with a wipe"; "Spot check for stubborn", "Discard sins in waste receptacle"  and "Go forth purified". I state: "If you try washing your sins away with worldly means, you will only get irritations because your sins are skin deep."
Fooled by Bagworms
Many things in our society may fool us. They may look so innocence, natural, and inviting but inside they are nothing but worms, waiting to destroy our relationships, our happiness, our hope, and our lives. "If you bite into a good looking apple and find half a worm, you should start to worry."
It is an illustration of a trucking company that placed more importance on profit, than people and tried to use GOD's name for self-gain. "We do not need a phone to call GOD"
This devotional tells about how we as Christians need to thought life, and our devotion. "Those who sin less can sometimes think they are sinless by their attitudes and become the most difficult people to be with."
Will Your Name be in the Book?
As Tax Collector of Mount Wolf Borough, I am responsible to collect a $20 per capita tax from everyone over the age of 18 that lives in my district. But there is a book of names which is more important than any taxroll. It is God's Book of Life."You should be on a roll, in more ways than one."
Two Forgotten Signers' Died with One Buried Twice
There were fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Two of them died in my home town of York, PA. Read about these men and their lack of honor after their death. "You may be buried only once, but you could die twice."
For years, shoppers at Woolworths in York Pa, could observe this marker on the wall.
But where did it and he go?
Train Wreck
This devotional was planned months before the recent Philadelphia train wreck that killed 8 and injured hundreds. Just like my train wreck, are our lives speeding towards destruction? "Is God your engineer or do you have Him sitting in your caboose?"
He Knows My Name
The new Pennsylvania Governor lives down the street. I see his house every day. He knows my name but do I have access to him? No. However, there is someone much higher than the Governor. He knows my name. He has already prepared a mansion for me where I will live forever
Forever Stamp
The Forever Stamp is really a miss leading named. After it is cancelled, it cannot be used again. It is thrown in the trash and perished in the continuous fire of an incinerator. The word "Forever" on the stamp can be a great evangelist tool. "Jesus already paid the price for this male to go air mail. I proudly wear His Forever Stamp. So can you."
The True Reason For Christmas
Unconsciously, in our busyness, we as Christians are helping with the push by society to remove the reason from the season. "Without His birth, there would be no eternal life for us;"
In Everything Give Thanks
This is about the first national proclaimed in York PA.
I Can't Swim
This a true story of sailor who wore the
uniform but could not swim. I can avoid
water that is above my head but you cannot
avoid death from the One Above your head.
"Lord, I am sinking in sin and without You, Icannot get up."
Every Friday the 13th Can Be a Good Friday
This is a different twist to Good Friday and Easter. It is a true story that a Jewish priest told me. "He was crucified and died on a Friday. So we still wait for the Messiah."
Two Sweethearts
It is a story about Valentine's Day. It contains the legend of St. Valentine and how we should love the sweethearts in our life. "If you do not have at least one sweetheart, let me know."
Is Your Legacy Dynamite?
I found the inventor of dynamite had a legacy that was dynamite.You will be surprised who it was. "What will people say your legacy was destructive or constructive?"
Tour Guide Version
It is a story about my father and a battleship. It contains education about the ship, where he served, videos of the ship's guns firing and a cute commercial. "Don't Gospel Truth from a tour guide."
New Year's Changes That Will Last
People drop many strange things for New Year's Eve including their New Year's resolutions. ''Here are New Year's changes for you that will last past the New Year and into eternity."
He Lives in My Heart
This is story about my sons who were They gave a very profound answer for being so young. "Christianity is the only faith where the almighty God, Creator and Controller of the universe, Provider of eternal life comes and dwells within the believer."
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