Real ills 2
No this is not about real ills (sickness), but about devotions from Real Life Illustrations. These are true earthly illustrations that reveal a spiritual truth. We encourage you to find illustrations from your life to share with others about what God is doing in your own life. Just click on the blue titles.
Back when my granddaughter, Loralei, was 19 months old,
she was sitting on her Grandmother’s lap, on the front porch.  
I remember coming home from work, and she saw my car.
She got so excited and a big smile came over her face.
When I got out of the car, she began to wave and say
“Pappaw Pappaw”.  “Others should see that God is not dead
by the relationship you have with Him.”
Unexpected Arrivals
Someday all of us will have one of two unexpected arrivals. It will be the angel of death or the second coming of our Lord. In either case, we will not have the time to tidy our things, put our makeup on, or clean up our life. They will not wait. Are you living ready? "We should plan and enjoy every day as if we will live forever here but be prepared for the unexpected and unavoidable arrival that will take us to the life beyond."
Believe (Written by my sister Karen.)
When I visited my mother’s gravesite there was no sign of the remembrance item. I turned over what I thought was a rock but it was a small section of the missing cross. However, not just any section. It was the part with the word, “Believe”. Tears of joy quickly flooded my eyes. "The word believe is so powerful that it can bring salvation, purpose, change, peace, joy, fulfillment and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
Where is your Reservation?
Let me tell you about a place that is out of this world. But there is another place that can only be described as pure hell. Make that call today while you still can make the reservation. It is a free offer with eternal rewards. "Your final destination is already booked.Details are listed in the Good Book."
Love and Marriage
Valentine's Day is the time of showing our love to our sweethearts. Whether it is between friends or spouses, it is the day to express our care, appreciation, and affection to a special someone in our lives. "When asked if I go hunting, I reply, No, I already got my two legged dear."
100 Items I am Thankful For
"How much time will you be spending in thanksgiving in
this Thanksgiving?"
Seven Gates of Hell
For this Halloween, with people taking about the devil, horror, and hell, I have written this one. I live near a place known as Seven Gate of Hell. It is listed as one of the 13 places on earth that people believed is the entrance to Hell. Read about what happen there."Why do people tell those who make them angry to go to Hell, if they do not believe it exists?"
No reaction to the Battle
Soldiers from both sides were being wounded and killed. Field nurses and medics were rushing everywhere. But he had no fear of the enemy, no reaction to the battle and walked the street as if it was a normal day. "We must seek the Lord to open our eyes to His protection, strength, and control so we can walk through the battles of life with no reaction."
It is not the Sinner's Prayer that Saves
"Oh them. I repeated some prayer just to get rid of them." There is no Sinner's Prayer, creed, Confiteor or magic words found in the Bible to be repeated for one to be saved or converted. There are no rituals, good works, process, classes, brownie points, processions or giving plans for salvation. "We are saved by our simple faith alone an not by our or others' works or words."
Avoid the Area
I took a boys' group to a power plant. They were asked not to touch the instruments. Read what happen. Adam and Eve where told not to eat. You know what happen. The best way to a avoid temptations is to avoid the area. "Two areas that you should avoid: mine fields and mine temptations."
Made in Mexico
My wife use to go to school and then worked right across from where York Peppermint Patties were made. In 2009, the manufacturing of York Peppermint Patties and many other Hershey brands were moved out of the country to Monterey, Mexico. It seems like a lot of manufacturing is moving to Mexico. “But I was made in the USA by the Master Craftsman whose name I proudly proclaim.”
I like to call them CEOs (Christmas, Easter and
Occasions). They will come to church out of obligation during religious holidays, for a wedding, baptism or a funeral, but other than that no way. If today’s churches would spend as much focus on developing dedicated believers and worshipers as they do on twice a year performances, their buildings would be overflowing and this county would have a real revival. “Are you a Christian because of cultural, convenience, commitment or conversion?”
Only Forward
He said: “Dad, your car would no longer go backwards.”  I thought he was joking so I tried to put it in reverse.  Well he was right, the transmission broke and it would only go forward. As Christians, we are to be moving and looking only forward. “We need to keep moving only forward following our GPS (God’s Personal Savior).” 
Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow
On January 22-23, 2016, the snow came and came and came. A record of 25.5 inches of snow fell in 24 hours. Everything stopped. Hundreds were stuck in their vehicles on turnpike for the duration of the storm. "Don't away, when you can weather life away, when you can weather life storms with storms with Him who controls the weather."
Please Put Baby Jesus Back
In 2013, someone stole the baby Jesus from a nativity, next to where we once lived. The owner's sister had died that morning and when he got home,baby Jesus was gone. He put a sign up next to a wiseman, "Please put baby Jesus back. Thank You."
Read Me First on Christmas
Luke 2:1-16 tells the real story about Christmas and the first present. "Let us not forget that the reason we give presents at Christmas is because God gave His presence though His Son."
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