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Does it seem like you are an only pawn against the whole world?

Remember the pawn is the only one who can become a queen when controlled by the Master.
If we do not put the Baby Jesus back soon, then Christmas will only be found in  museums.
Life is like a camping trip: short, rough, and not our home.
We are all heading to a dead end unless we follow the heavenly GPS.
Turn to Christ today, because like the Green Stamp program, your opportunity for redemption will expire.
If you only have just Earthly water (which may have lead), then ask to be lead to the direct source of pure Living Water.
Contaminated water could cause you to meet your Maker, who will ask if you had accepted His Water.
Revival of a nation starts not in the White House but in our house.
Who is making your moves?
Unlike chess, when your game of life is over you are not just kept in a box.
Accept His Story today before you become history in the future.
Take your hands off the steering wheel of life, set back enjoy, and let God do the driving.
Make your S&H stamp Saved & Heaven Bound.
When you yield your will, you are yielding to God’s right away.
We may be born with eyes,
but we are born blind to God.
Without Christ, there would not be a mas. So why are we removing Him from Christmas?
Are you a Christian because of cultural, convenience, commitment or conversion?
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