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“Even though we may not be a veteran from the military, we are still involved with spiritual battles. Who we daily yield to determines if we become a casualty or a veteran.”
“Don’t let your fire go out. Through you others could be saved from the eternal fire”

“Don’t get burned up or out because Jesus is with you.”

The grass will seem greener on the other side of the fence, only when you stop working on your own lawn.” 
Unlike with the ambulance, you do not need to wait for an emergency to contact God.”
“God is the only true 24-7 support system with no waiting, no need for a phone, no reason for the call and the CEO answers.”
“If you try to rewire yourself, you could found yourself shocked and in The Big Fire.”
“God’s power is more than EverReady.  It is everlasting!”

“Is your power from the dying world or from the Living Word?”

“When burning temptation to sin comes, flee for the fire escape.”
“If Bibles were used as much as toilet paper, then this world would be a lot cleaner.”
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