Real ills 5
No this is not about real ills (sickness), but about devotions from Real Life Illustrations. These are true earthly illustrations that reveal a spiritual truth. We encourage you to find illustrations from your life to share with others about what God is doing in your own life. Just click on the blue titles.
Embrace Change
This past year was filled with changes for everyone. What 2018 will bring is unknown. One thing is for certain is that there will be change. We must decide when to resist change, change change, cause change, or embrace change.  Knowing what to do can be very scary. “To reach the younger generations with God’s unchangeable truths, we must not ignore change but we must pray, plan and then embrace it.”
All Vets
My Uncle Jim Bean was a Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps 1st Battalion 9th Marines, “The Walking Dead” during the Vietnam War.  He received a Purple Heart for his service.  In September 2015, he started an organization called All Vets.  All Vets is a nonprofit group that has the goal of preserving the stories of local veterans for the future.  “Even though we may not be a veteran from the military, we are still involved with spiritual battles.  Who we daily yield to determines if we become a casualty or a veteran.”
Birth Dates
Everyone reading this had a birth date. Most celebrated that date more times than they wished.  This month, I now considered by Social Security a Senior Citizen at age 62. On your birth date, a person of great potential was created. But, until you had a second birth date, what you did with that potential would not be eternal.”
We Are All Olympians
We are Olympians in a spiritual race with the finish line quickly approaching. “As you are sitting watching the Olympics, remember that you are even now involved in running a spiritual race.” Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.
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The Lord’s Supper
For 31 years, I have looked at Leonardo Ds Vinci painting The Last Supper several times a day. Even thought, I have looked at the painting thousands and thousands of times, I never truly looked at it until now. “The Lord’s Supper is a remembrance that Christ paid the cost so that our next meal would not be our last supper.”

He’s Alive
Today, you will find that most believe that Jesus was a real person and that He really died. However. the empty cross and the empty tomb are symbols that Jesus is alive. No other religion can claim that their god lived among them, gave up they life for the sins of the world, conquered death and lives today in each believer. “Is there enough evidence in your life to prove that Christ is alive and well?”
Billy Graham BC
“In the spring of 1934 Billy Graham’s father allowed a group of Charlotte businessmen to use a portion of the family’s dairy farm to gather for a day of prayer. They prayed that out of Charlotte, the Lord would raise up someone to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth.” Read about Graham’s BC Before Crusades molding that affected my hometown and family’s life. The world has yet to see what one person totally surrendered to Christ can do. “Before we can effectively prepare people for their AD (After Death), God often molds us in His BC (Boot Camp or Before Commission).”
Visual Aids
In developing these devotions, I spend a lot of time looking for the right visual image to go with the subject. I believe they are a great aid and they help make them interest. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A visual aid that has been used to help lead and encourage many to Christ are the paintings by Warner Sallman. “No person has ever seen God, so He needs your life to be His visual aid.”
Percy Crawford, Billy Ruth Graham, Cliff Barrows, &
my mother-in-law (row 2 right side) Lenore Humphreys Pine Brook Camp
Faith in the Great Physician
Four years ago this week, my heart went into total heart block.  Blood was pumping in but not pumping out. I was rushed to the hospital and to the operating table. I was near death. I was not scared. I currently, depend on the Lord to keep my battery going 24/7. I am not concerned because I have that faith that God is in control. “Faith is a very important part of healing. Without it, the will, strength, power and hope of overcoming is lost.”  
Left Our First Love
This church, like so many other organizations, does stand up against evil towards mankind and nature, does teach compassion, love and peace and does participate in many local and global good works.  But they lost what made them different from other civil organizations.  They lost their reason for existence.  They lost their founding Father and forgot His Words.  They have left their First Love. “A sign that you lost your passion for your first love is that you are too busy to spend quality individual time with them.” ”Stop being busy doing good things and start doing the right things with Me.” God