Real ills 4
No this is not about real ills (sickness), but about devotions from Real Life Illustrations. These are true earthly illustrations that reveal a spiritual truth. We encourage you to find illustrations from your life to share with others about what God is doing in your own life. Just click on the blue titles.
New Year, New Presidents
Government has been instituted by God not only for the
good of humanity but also for the glory of His own
name.  The authority and sovereignty of civil
government, which is real even if delegated and limited,
instructs us about the kingdom, rule, and reign of God. 
The exercise of power, authority, and judgment, whether just or abusive,
encourages a longing in humanity for God’s more perfect kingdom.  In the
limitations of what government can and cannot do, will and will not do, should
and should not do, there is the opportunity for an increased awareness of
humanity’s need for God and his Kingship… While every earthly government
will one day come to an end, God’s kingdom alone shall never be destroyed and
never end.  “I am still the President’s boss, so trust, pray and serve. God”
Once Was Blind, But Now I See
A few years ago, I knew a man named John. He was blind;
however, this did not stop him from living. I, too, was once
blind. That is right. I was spiritually blind. I did not
understand life. I was afraid, depressed, and lonely. The Bible
and God did not make sense to me. But when I cried unto Him,
Jesus touched me and the scales fell off.  “We may be born
with eyes, but we are born blind to God.” 
Many churches have changed the Gospel to a
Social Gospel and some to Social with no Gospel.
They are replacing soul food with food pantries,
preserving souls with preserving climate, prayer
rooms with coffee bars, and preparing for the
afterlife with only improving the present life.
Jesus is looking down and is asking Y? “Give man
food and he will live for days. Teach him to plant
and he will live for years. Show him the Bread of
Life and he could live forever.” 
My Broken Hearts
Every one of us has gone through some type of broken heart in our relationships. You may have lost a loved one through death, divorce or departure.  A friend, relative, or co-worker may have turned against you. The physical heart of everyone will someday break and fail. 
Our spiritual heart was broken the day we were born but it is not too late to be fixed.  God can provide healing for all your broken hearts, if you ask.
Green Stamps
When I was growing up, I remember my mother would go to stores and get Green Stamps for her
purchases. We would redeem those books of stamps for a lot of good items all for free. Like with Green
Stamps, you may have the item for redemption in your hand but unless you go to the redemption center,
the credit for the free gift will do you no good. Once you confess to God that you are a sinner, and
believe that the Lord Jesus died on the cross for our sins, then you can be marked as one of the redeemed.
Your S&H stamp will then be Saved & Heaven Bound. Your gifts will be a new life, forgiveness, love, joy,
peace, hope, salvation, eternal life and so much more.  Become redeemed today! “Turn to Christ today,
because like the Green Stamp program, your opportunity for redemption will expire.”
I Need Your Water
In December, York Water started removing their lead pipes on my street. When they drug up
the street and sidewalk at my house I did not have a problem. However, with my neighbor it
was a different story. Their pipe into the house was lead and the water company removed
their connection to it. Until they got a plumber to replace the pipes, the house would be
without water, which could be days. Late that night, the neighbor knocked on our door and
asked “I need your water.”  “If you only have just Earthly water (which may have lead), then
ask to be lead to the direct source of pure Living Water.”
These are coming soon.... Keep checking back.
Blood performs many important functions within the human body.  When Adam and Eve sinned, God clothed them by shedding the blood of an animal.  When the children of Israel were in Egypt, the angel of death passed over their dwellings, because the blood was over their door posts. What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Get it from the original Red Cross, today. “Go to the Red Cross and get the blood that gives everlasting life.”
Yes, He A Rose.
After Easter Sunday School, a boy ran to his father and reported that Jesus was a flower.  His father replied with a surprising, “What?”  The boy stated that the teacher said “Jesus a rose.”  The father smiled and said, “Yes, He a rose.” “Can your life be used as evidence that the Lord is risen?”